Reward Points

Earn Reward Points by sharing VIEW.NET Video Chat with your friends. Just copy and paste the following URL and post it anywhere on the internet including Facebook, Twitter, Email, chat and even mobile text messages:

Make sure you Login as a VIEW.NET Member before you copy the URL! It’s customized to give you 1 Point for anybody that visits VIEW.NET using your link and 5 Points if they register for FREE Membership.

What can you do with Reward Points? Each Point is worth $1 credit towards VIP Membership, which unlocks many advanced features of the VIEW.NET Video Chat Rooms.

Referring your friends to VIEW.NET is only one way to get Reward Points, there are more!

Redeem Reward Points for VIP Membership

The number of Points you select below will be deducted from your total available Reward Points. Please allow up to 24 hours for your FREE VIP Membership to be activated.

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